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eggycaption's Journal

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Since welcomerain is gone from Livejournal, I've taken over posting captionable pictures in raincaption's place. Any genius for this idea is totally all hers.

Guidelines for submission, which are basically the same as raincaption's were:

Email me (eggycaption AT gmail.com) a link to the picture you want to see captioned.

DO NOT EMAIL ME THE IMAGE FILE. Email me a link to it.

You might like to violate copyright, but I try to avoid it. If I get complaints about copyright in my email, I'll happily point them at the violator.

Anything not work_ok will be lj-cut, labelled as such, and much less likely to get chosen for captioning.

You can only post one of your own captions, but you can comment on other people's captions as many times as you like.

If you can't spell, then don't post.

If you don't have a good idea, then don't post.

Try to be not stupid or boring.

What is an 'offensive' image is purely my own, objective decision.

What is an image worth posting is also my own purely personal decision.

Images Rarely Considered Captionable:

'Adorable' pets.
Car wrecks.
Anything from some other caption site or contest.
Anything from Yahoo's Most Popular Photos (linking issues, mainly.)
George Bush appearing goofy.

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